End of Life Planning/Grief and Loss


butterflyEnd of Life Planning: A formal religious funeral or memorial service may not be the best fit for your loved one. Graceful Journeys will help you customize the "good-bye” your family can embrace.

In the comfort of your home, Graceful Journeys will assist you in planning the funeral/memorial service. We will also facilitate the service and burial if this is your choice.

Grief and Loss: Throughout life, we experience grief and loss. Each relationship brings with it a deeply felt emotion unlike any other. The wrenching experience over the death of a child, spouse, partner, parent, sibling or friend is overwhelming. We can deny it, rationalize it, say it is part of life and it will go away on its own, but to work through the pain of grief takes time and patience.

Graceful Journeys will walk with you down this path of grief, listening to your heart's pain and exploring the healing possibilities.